whatever will be, will be

This will all be quite simple.

This is to be a dumping ground for–at this point–everything; the idea is to have a metadiscursive playground as I weave through my PhD.

With a slightly early start, perhaps I’ll get into the habit of dropping posts to it. If no audience ever reads it, that’s fine–it’s mostly just a Peter Elbowish place where I can quickly stick things as they come to me and before they leave. Conflicting material will be welcomed. Haters will not be.


One thought on “whatever will be, will be

  1. keep writing here.the best part will be looking back on your rants and ravings when you’ve finished the dissertation. it may be 15 years from now and the Internet might be obsolete and extinct. Only to be replaced with mind reading/controlling implantation devices.But, I digress…Keep writing here.

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