Note to my readers

There’s something I’d like you all to know. (At this point, “you all” includes myself and any assorted alter-egos that I have for myself. Just FYI.) This is not my first blog–and no, I’m not going to run down all of the assorted take-ones, take-twos, and so forth, so don’t worry. I think that the central problem in the past has really been a misplaced sense of purpose and exigency . In some cases, giving a blog a distinct and minute “purpose” or “mission/vision statement” has turned out to be all too transitory of a decision. In a few weeks the self-induced furor about subject/issue x passes, and it’s just back to normal, with not much to say about subject x, and so the blog dies. “Concept blogging” is problematic in that way–if you’re not 100% dedicated to the concept of what you’re working on, it’ll fail. And miserably so.

Hopefully, by forecasting my own purposes here in the broad manner I have, I’ll nip that tendency in the bud.


3 thoughts on “Note to my readers

  1. Hey, you’re right about the “concept blog” (kind of like the concept album)–it is too constricting. Only if writing some sort of dry trade blog can one really limit oneself so. It certainly wouldn’t accomplish your purpose of PhD.umping! You need a wide open dumping space to keep your mind wide open. Who knows what might stampede through there! Looking forward to reading and dumping on the dumping.

  2. Put a counter on this bad-boy. There are free trackers on the web that will tell you who came and from what state and city. I promise, once you see that people are stampeding through your blog on their way to their own technological time-warp, you’ll feel more inclined to vent.

  3. Oh, and use this space to “work through” some of your school ideas. Paper topics. Exam questions. That sort of thing.You’ll find it easier to write and generate ideas. You’ll get feedback, and you can use it as a research project.I’ve used my academic blog for independent studies courses, comprehensive exam forums, research projects. I’ve even had my academic blog noted as “an article of interest” on the Disability Studies list serv. There’s something about having your name and your ideas in the universe that is nice. And, getting feedback from colleagues and professors. So, invite them to it.(Also, I used my blog to tell my adviser EXACTLY what I was studying and when. What I thought. How I saw it relate to my research interests. When it came time to take my comps, she knew exactly what I’d been doing for the past 9 months. I posted book summaries, hypothetical responses to imaginary comp questions I wrote.I’ve kept my academic blog up, even though I haven’t posted to it in more than a year. (I’ve been myspacing and facebook blogging more.) But, I keep it up and there are still regular visitors checking out the books summaries (for their own comps, I would imagine)., damn it. I need to get back to writing on Chapter 1. Oh, wait, House is on… nevermind…

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