Why my hometown makes me sad.

Ignorance, ignorance, ignorance. Along with a healthy dose of cantankerous closed-mindedness, ill-conceived faux-liberalism, and militant hyperconservatism. Want a wonderful example? Go check out the discussion forums for our local newspaper. A most recent example–the one inspiring this outcry in the desert–is the discussion following last Sunday’s guest column on women and the Southern Baptist church. (If it asks for a subscription and you don’t want to get one, that’s cool. Just let me know and I’ll forward you some highlights.)

I know, of course, that so much of the tone and rhetoric of the discussions here are merely a result of badly moderated forums, where flaming and ill-considered postings are not only rampant, but are let to be; but it still irks me to see such bullshit under the banner of civil discourse.

“Frontiering” my ass.


2 thoughts on “Why my hometown makes me sad.

  1. I think by “Frontiering” we mean that we still think the way we did back in the “Frontier” days…and damned proud of it! I found it fascinating to follow the comments so quickly off the rails, away from poor Mary and into a condemnatory free-for-all. Who cares about this lady’s doubly-broken heart, so long as I’m right and you’re wrong!And, yes, we are to submit TO EACH OTHER. The wife’s “submission” to the husband is only an act of trust based on the husband’s sacrificial love of the wife (which seems absent in the case of Mary, and many). In some ways, to “love your wives as Christ loves the church, giving himself for her” is the very height and depth of submission.

  2. The Stephenville Empire Tribune message boards are pretty similar. Lots of small-towners shouting about the “liberal, tree-hugging, pacifists, anti-Christs” who voted for “that Muslim Arab.” [eye roll]And, this sort of thinking is exactly why I gave up on Christianity a loooooong time ago. Ugh. Kill me. [another eye roll](And, I’ve never been more happy and at peace. Not that you can’t enjoy your religion. You do you. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

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