Crappy Realization of the Day

Spring Break at the institution that I’m going to be attending in the spring (you know, the whole Ph.D. thing that I’m supposedly dumping about?) is on a different week from Spring Break at the institution that I’m working at.



3 thoughts on “Crappy Realization of the Day

  1. Addendum:My PhD program has a required two-week “workshop” (it’s quite a bit more than just that) every year in May. It’s part of my residency requirement. And wouldn’t you know it? The thing starts before final grades are due at the institution I work at. More joy.

  2. Oooh, that suuuuucks. I’ve had different Spring Breaks, too. Yuck.What are you going to do about the “workshop”? Can you rearrange your schedule a bit so that you don’t have hardly anything to grade at the end of the semester? Surely, with an online program that caters to working professionals, you’re not the first, only, or last person to have this problem. Have you talked to the department chair/ powers that be?

  3. I haven’t talked to anyone about this yet, as I just discovered it myself this week. This afternoon, while working on my syllabi for next semester, I did notice that the May workshop being where it is shouldn’t be the END of the world. I usually have all of my traditional final exams graded before the end of finals week anyway. The big thing will be getting final essays back in my FYC classes. Fortunately, I’m piloting a new version of our second semester course, and it’s completely my design (my idea, my proposal, my bailiwick–I’m well on my way to being the unofficial WPA here), so I’ll probably end up with them doing research presentations the week before finals–hopefully leaving plenty of time for grading the essays.The folks in my department (the ones that matter, anyway) and my dean will support me as much as they can–I’ve been told that getting my degree is a priority for them as much as it is for me (we’ll see just how much when I take a shot at negotiating a financial/course download contract with them). And I can imagine that the folks in the PhD program are used to dealing with similar situations as well.

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