Techie Stuff

Things to do this week that don’t have to do with prepping for FYC (which is pretty much wrapped, somehow, despite the fact that I’m piloting a brand-ass new course).

  • Check out
  • Brush up on (translation: get better at) HTML/CSS. Lots of catching up do to, I’m sure, as I haven’t used anything other than rudimentary HTML in years…
  • Finish familiarizing myself with Tech’s various and sundry online systems. I’m starting to figure all of these things out, but the Tech system is in transition, which means it’s a MESS to try to navigate. And I’ve got WAY too many email accounts to keep up with.
  • Breathe.
  • Enjoy what little time I have left.
  • Finish Shadow of the Wind (by Zafon).

What am I forgetting?


One thought on “Techie Stuff

  1. Just checked out Zotero, which is a research tool add-on for Firefox, and this will be an AWESOME research tool. I wish I’d discovered it earlier.

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