English 5376: Online Publishing

Warning to regular readers: (You know, all three of you!)

As prefaced way back in the first few posts, this blog will be doing double/triple/quadruple duty. Not only will it be here for my usual blathering on personal, professional, and academic matters, but it’s also going to serve as a working space for my first course as a doctoral student at TTU, Online Publishing. Posts directly related to that course will be titled and tagged as such, for filtering purposes. Coursemates’s blogs will have their own blogroll at right.

May the dumping begin. (No toilet humor subtext intended, I promise!)


2 thoughts on “English 5376: Online Publishing

  1. I’m excited to read about your class and your studies. I’m living vicariously, I guess, through your classes. Would it be completely lame to buy your textbooks, too, and read along with you?!? Cause, the thought did cross my mind…Blog on…

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