5376: Website Projects

Aside from my personal homepage, I’ll be working on my church’s website: http://elmwoodwestumc.com/ Lots to work on there…

Some good sites within the genre that I’ve seen:


5 thoughts on “5376: Website Projects

  1. I enjoyed seeing your examples of successful church websites. Very attractive. They all have an obvious entry point, a good hierarchy, and seem purposeful in their design. So often web designs just come across as if the designer was simply attempting to fill the space they have available on their monitor (the same happens when I teach introductory graphic design with the printed page). These examples should be a great help in your redesign – as a Mac user I really liked the last one’s feature.

  2. I just got my own personal website up if you’d like to check it out…www.rochelledgregory.comYou can give me your “I’m the expert in technical writing and publishing” opinion.

  3. R-When I’m an expert, I’ll let you know! :)Monica-I really like that last one too, while the main feature is nice, I like how the “about us” and “what we believe” -type sections navigate even more. And there’s nothing wrong with some white (or gray, as the case may be) space, dammit!

  4. The reallifecc page is a terrific example. Thank you for sharing that! All of the examples gave me great ideas, but that one is so clean!And we should all post photos of our desktops. Can’t you learn so much from that which we surround ourselves during study. I’m still searching to find a DESK!

  5. That would be fun, Carie (and mine has changed already–I ended up completely rearranging my office when the IT department took my computer away all day yesterday for updates).

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