My Desktop

This is an ever-so-slightly staged picture of my desktop. I thought it might serve as a kind of concept map for my homepage, even something I might use in the design. Links through image, etcetera–although that may not be as transparent a navigational system as I’d need for the page. That, and my desk is less than aesthetically pleasing…

Ideas: The large monitor would probably represent/link to digital & academic aspects–videos, podcasts, etc?; the central monitor to my tablet would go to my blog (obviously, as that’s what’s up there); the texts to the left would go to assorted academic interests and teaching. Items on the corkboard in the background would link to such things as personal elements, music, language sites, etcetera.

Just an idea that occured to me while brainstorming homepage possibilities. Something a little different from the typical “professor homepage” that nobody looks at for a very good reason.

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5 thoughts on “My Desktop

  1. This is an interesting concept, Chris. It reminds me of the DVD menu for Office Space (or at least I think it does-I could be thinking of another movie menu) where they utilized office props for the menu items (i.e. a filing cabinet). I think it’s got quite a bit of potential to make for an interesting website. But the critical question really is this: “Is that a picture of a hair band in the background???” 🙂 Can’t wait to see what category of your life that will relate to.

  2. I guess that means I’d better get a red stapler, eh? 🙂 I like the idea a lot–although it’ll put my graphic design skills to the test.And the important answer: That’s Metallica in ’85. A friend of mine followed them on tour that year and got that photo, as I was a bit young for thrash at the time! So, yes, a hair band, but not one of the sparkly ones. 😉

  3. Worth mentioning: two days later, I was without my computer all day (the help desk was updating it against the worm that’s wreaking havoc across the internet). The result? I ran out of things to work on early enough in the day that I ended up rearranging all of the furniture in my office. This desk no longer exists… 🙂

  4. After playing around with Expression Web and cramming HTML/XHTML for about 24 hours, I’ve discovered that this idea is going to be much simpler to realize that I was originally fearing. Muy exciting. Now i just have to design the rest of what I want there, and I’m golden.

  5. A good idea of using your desktop as a metaphor for your homepage. Most people’s computers are portals to their working environments. I’m doing something similar, myself, thinking in terms of an iPhone-like interface for my homepage.

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