5376: Website Projects Update

Some Tool Decisions:

For my own homepage and the artist site, I’m planning on using the Microsoft Expression Suite (MEWeb, MEDesigner, etc.), as they’re cost-effective for me at this point. (Translation: they were free to d/l through Tech’s software licensing agreement) MEWeb seems to be a fairly straightforward update of FrontPage, and I’m hoping it’ll remain user-friendly enough for my introductory-level HTML skills.

I think that for the church site redesign, I’d like to try using WordPress for the site (Robert, if you’re reading this, consider it un-officially suggested). I was playing around with the idea of moving my blog over there, and realized how easy it would be to use it as a CMS for a simple website; my thinking is that the WordPress backend would be VERY easy for multiple unskilled users to learn and update, and WordPress (unlike Blogger) supports multiple pages. This page makes a very good case for using the tool in this way, and reinforced my thinking. This way, the website can be passed on to people without a great deal of technical expertise–or even the rudimentary level that I’ve got! 🙂


3 thoughts on “5376: Website Projects Update

  1. Chris, Please let us know what you think of WordPress. One of my colleagues recommended it, but I own Dreamweaver, so I decided to work with that. I’ll be eager to see your sites. I’m really interested in the church redesign, as I want to redesign my parents’ ministry website too.

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