Are You Rrrrrready?

Is the world really ready for Fred again? Though I can’t quite sum up the modicum of enthusiasm that the author has for the return of Limp Bizkit, one bit of the article was particularly true, I thought:

18 year olds are saying: ‘Fred who? Wes What?’
30 year olds are dry heaving and cursing the era that ‘produced no good metal (bands)’.
But 22-26 year olds are ecstatic.

Yeah, that’s me. I’ll be honest; I had a brief fascination with nu-metal and its… offerings. But now I’m turning 30 and dry heaving at the state of the world. Because if Durst & Co are making a comeback, and if actual, real live people with money to buy albums, concert tickets, and STUPID red baseball caps are enthusiastic and excited about it, I fear for the next ten years of radio metal. (And I hope that the Bizkit doesn’t hit a funky/angsty chord with 18 year-olds.)

Of course, I don’t listen to much radio, so I guess it’s not too bad. I’ll just lock myself in a cave with my iPod and blast Mastodon and Lamb of God until the storm passes.


2 thoughts on “Are You Rrrrrready?

  1. Ahhh, growing older and leaving behind the musical trappings of our youth. I feel your pain. Read my blog this week for my own act of reminiscing on my junior high years with Def Leppard. The beauty of new technology, though, is that we don’t have to do without the music we secretly love.

  2. Oh, how it sucks to get old and see things come back to bite you later. I still break out an old Def Leppard t-shirt now and then, by the way, so don’t feel too too bad.I do love the iPod for just that reason–I don’t have to share my music with anyone, and thus don’t have to be embarrassed by it! (I recently forgot that I’d been playing around with old Metallica pictures as desktop images on my work computer; when I loaded up the projector in a class later that day, my students found it QUITE amusing… Now whenever I come into class, one or two of them hum “Sad but True.” Now if only they’d learn Trapped Under Ice…

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