Podcasting. Yay.

I’ve put together the first draft of my podcast: an introduction to electronic subscription databases for first-year composition students.

I wrote, read through, and revised the script last night and then recorded it this morning (in the bathroom, as per Brett’s advice–the sound quality’s not too bad, even recording with the in-computer mic). It’s just audio for right now (with some background music tracks from ccMixter); I’d like to do some video to go along with it, but no talking head stuff. We’ll see. I’ve got to find a decent app to convert Windows Movie Maker files to .mp4 format first. I used Audacity for the recording and mixing; I liked it a lot. I also used Switch for some sound file conversion.

You can check out the current version on my TTU Projects page. It’s an mp3, and should open in a new window. I’ve got it edited down to about four minutes thus far (it started at almost five at the first recording, I’m aiming for three if I can), and there are some flubs that I’ll need to come back and cut in, but please let me know what you think. I’ve still got to come back and do a proper intro as well. We shall see how it ends up.

Oh, and I’m pretty sure that I’m talking too fast… ugh.


5 thoughts on “Podcasting. Yay.

  1. As mentioned earlier, I used a program called Switch for audio file conversion. The company that makes it available is NCH Software; they also provides Prism Video Converter for free download as well.I’d recommend both of these for anyone who–like me–is trying to keep costs down as low as possible without giving up quality functionality. I downloaded AVS’s converter, but didn’t really care for the fact that it put a bright red watermark right smack in the middle of my video.

  2. Congratulations, Chris! I don’t know very much about online searching, so your topic was very interesting. You did speak quickly, but you did do a good job of fluctuating your voice to interest your audience.

  3. I’ll also say that I quite learned the value of scripts today. I went up to my office at work to shoot some video–only about half of which I had scripts written for. While the unscripted video was fine, it tended pretty long. The scripted versions were for obvious reasons much tighter, and with just as much voice and personality as the unscripted. I threw out a lot of bad, wandering video that sounds interesting but isn’t really much fun to listen to.

  4. Hi Chris,I did video and audio and I had to have a script. I broke it down into smaller segments at natural breaks so I didn’t have to memorize huge chunks of script. It’s a lot harder than the Thespian Club was back in 1978, my senior year in high school. I could memorize any amount of text back then. Now that Teflon brain has set in, it’s a challenge to memorize any script, but it does keep it short!I look forward to more info from you in this thread!Slainte’,Melody

  5. I hear you. I can’t remember two sentences strung together, much less an entire piece. Too much junk rolling around in there to keep anything straight.

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