5376: Designing the Rushton Project

I worked on my Fibonacci/Golden Ratio based-design idea for Rushton’s site this afternoon. (For which I had to spend a bit of time increasing my facility with my graphics editor. yeesh.) This is what I came up with:

Basically, this is my idea for the layout of the entire site. I’ll use the “nonobjective directions” image for a splash page with menu items (the boxes labeled “series” at the moment); paintings will then come up in the largest section (probably a frame of some sort?) with buttons at the bottom (prev, next, etc), the narrative to the top right, and so forth. The paintbrushes (I’m going with a studio idea here, I think) will be a persistent link back “home” and then other items will work in (Fibonaccially) towards the center, including a menu, contact links, and the like.

From PhD.umpingGround

This isn’t the final color scheme. Though I like the mild tan background, I’d still like to pull in reds and turquoises/blues in a number of ways (div borders come to mind, as do some possible headers) I’ll work in some motion subtly, something to move the viewer around the page, but not exactly sure how, yet.



3 thoughts on “5376: Designing the Rushton Project

  1. Love the way the Golden Mean is obvious, Chris! And actually, I really like the color scheme, as it plays on the color that Lynn uses to prime her canvases when she creates her oil works. She uses a red, and the “tan” has a touch of that red, so the color is warmer than a standard tan would be. :-)Have you tried to eliminate the black borders? Those distract me. Perhaps use a thinner rule and increase the emphasis on Lynn’s name? I don’t know, but the lines grabbed my eye before her name did.I’m jealous… I feel very behind and am so impressed with how much you’ve accomplished!

  2. Oh yes, definitely not going to go with black borders–that was just the graphic I put together in ExpDesigner (too lazy to thin out the rules by the time I’d gotten to the end of the project). I’ll be using much smaller rules with a more tied-in color scheme (hopefully red, which should look good “bleeding through” the tan; the font will be part of this as well. The painting will definitely be the focal point of the page (I hope).Of course, now I actually have to write the code for my divs. No small task!

  3. Your comment cracked me up, and I did respond on my page but thought I’d respond here too. The link you sent me…I found it earlier this afternoon and used it to correct my color codes. 🙂 I think we are related!Would love your ideas on my design. I’ll post a PDF of it in my blog.

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