5376: Drafting the Rushton Project

A first (rough rough rough) draft for you to check out.


2 thoughts on “5376: Drafting the Rushton Project

  1. Notes for myself–When I download just the html (without stylesheet applied), the page is pretty much a mess. It shouldn’t be. The content is all over the place and should make sense as content.I really should go back in, move everything down the page (and in a bit, too) and put Lynn’s name and some sort of design across the top of the page, something muted, but something that’s undoubtedly there. Try turning main column widths into percentages if possible to clean up for multiple screen sizes.Make a “prettier” custom background for the divs, something that stands out a bit from the brown background color. It’s a little too basic right now, and that would definitely dress things up.

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