Transcendent CSS

Project thoughts inspired by Andy Clarke’s Transcending CSS: The Fine Art of Web Design.

To work on with the Rushton Project: (I sin against all three of these principles in my current design)

  • meaningful markup is approached from content, not visual design. (content-out, not visual-in)
  • content should be logically ordered and understandable when naked. (good connection to single-sourcing here).
  • CSS divs should not be used as a new version of table layouts to achieve visual layouts.


  • flexibility
  • semantic meaning
  • accessibility
  • and a purty design.

2 thoughts on “Transcendent CSS

  1. No offense to Clarke, but sometimes you have to use divs to separate out content. 🙂 And I like the “content-in, design-out” idea, particularly because I can only match black with another color (and then poorly most of the time). :-)Have fun! I finally got a connection to my web space and so am starting to move and update. 🙂 I’d love your comments once I get uploaded.

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