5376: Transcending the Rushton Project

After many hours of reading about and re-learning CSS (critical; useful; important) and learning how to turn lists into menus I reinvented (mostly) my site. Some things are still very similar, of course (the color scheme, for instance). But the design is changed. (And my design process is somewhat changed as well.)

(I can’t believe I’m doing this much, by the way; I couldn’t even have told you what CSS was back in December.)

You can get to it from my projects page. (You can see the first draft from there, too).

If you can (or know how), disable stylesheets on both versions and compare. Information architecture and design elements are now consistent, semantic, and logical (rather than inconsistent, meaningless, and visual).

Obviously this is still very rough; there’s only two working pages, but you get the basic idea. I’m going to get moving with some background images for headers and site-info, and rework some of the things I’ve already done so they’ll work with this site. I’m also going to try to salvage my original splash page idea, but work it into this design somehow. I dunno; that may not be worth it.

Thoughts on color? Positioning? Etc? Feedback is welcome.


4 thoughts on “5376: Transcending the Rushton Project

  1. Wow, Chris. This looks just awesome! Great colors, nice layout! The new site is aesthetically appealing, yet it is still quite easy to read… (just how most men like their women, hm?)Yeah, metadiscursive commentary! Onward…

  2. I don’t love the blue bar at the bottom – it seems too… bold, I guess. I understand that it takes a color from the painting and technically goes with the rest of the page, but to me it’s too shocking with the earth tones. Love the rest of it though. What is the blurred image in the upper left behind the name?

  3. Thanks Donna and Rebecca.OH yeah–that blue bar is very much only a placeholder until I design something else. I had all of my divs in different colors at one point last night while I was troubleshooting a margin/padding problem, and that one didn’t get changed back over.That blurred image is actually from a photograph of something from her studio. On the original version, that photo is the splash area on the first page; I just took a chunk of it and put a gaussian blur on the whole thing. I’ll only keep it if I work in that original photo somehow, otherwise I’ll do something from her artwork.

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