5376: De Podcastorio

Cicero wrote that rhetoric (oratory) was a difficult but attractive thing to study–to do it well, one may have natural talent, but otherwise the orator must depend on a broad cultural knowledge, a keen understanding of audience, and a well-developed sense of not only style but also subject, context, and the full devices available to the rhetor.

So with podcasting. It looks easy, and to those with enough “natural ability,” it perhaps is. (Natural, perhaps, in the form of a great innate sense of pathos or a very desirable ethos, one that serves to soar over whatever technical difficulties or rudimentaries one might have).

For the rest of us, just as for Cicero’s ideal orator, it takes time, practice, logical and stylistic skills, a good set of tools, and a little bit of dough if you want to make it easy.

I’ve “finished” my podcast. It’s got video now (hopefully it complements the audio). I used CaptureFox for the browser video capture, PowerPoint to make most of the slides, Windows Movie Maker to put it all together (and tuck in a few extra slides) and then Prism Video Converter to convert the .wmv over to .mp4 format. (A task which, ironically, Microsoft’s own “Expression Media” couldn’t manage to do. How awesome.)

I didn’t edit the audio for this; I’m happy enough with the current version to keep it, unless cries against the quality of my recording begin to surface… I almost botched the whole thing at one point by saving the file at far too low of a quality; the load time was nice, but the audio was tinny and heavily echoed. Luckily I listened before I posted, and was thus able to make the proper adjustments. I’m pretty happy with what I’ve done, and hope you’ll feel the same way.

Anyhow, you can check it out here–I’ve got it on my ever-popular projects page. Feedback is, of course, most welcome!!


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