Notes to Self

Quick notes to self (may come in handy on paper):

(note to non-selfs: these notes may not reflect the current version of my page as of this writing, as I haven’t uploaded them all yet).

  • Updated the navigation div on my homepage. Made change from using HTML heading tags (see backup) to HTML unordered list and li tags. Note that the design is exactly the same, the only thing changed is the code. Important semantic accessibility (search?) issue, as search engines look at h1-h6 tags. There is no need for the nav div element to come up in a search, it’s not meaningful in that way.
  • Also on headings, added a negative-margin h1 tag to the top of each page. It’s hidden with CSS turned on, but is there for all other purposes. Another semantic/accessibility change.
  • Made some other style/presentation/content changes. Minor change: use of text-transform: lowercase in all HTML heading tags. This presentational element was done in markup originally (just entered without caps), but now when styles are turned off headings are appropriately capitalized. Now if I decide to not use all lowercase letters in a future redesign, I don’t have to go back and update each and every single heading. Flexibility issue.
  • Need to title navigation links.
  • Make other semantic changes as needed. And maybe more colors (vertical list block menus?) for further interactivity.

Learned a LOT this weekend; rearrange CSS and change to include pseudo-classes, selectors, and combinators.


3 thoughts on “Notes to Self

  1. Update to Self: Items completed tonight(worth comparing with backup version)-Worked on standards and semantics goals in my own CSS; stylesheet is now logically organized, all div and id classes are much more semantic.-Finished removing styles from markup: put all headings and navigations in normal letter case, added the text-transform:lowercase property to CSS to clean this up. Again, the goal is a changeover where NO styles need to be adjusted if possible. Still some weirdness in my markup, but much less now.-General tidyup and reorganization of both my own and Rushton’s stylesheets-Began comments and notations for Rushton’s CSS. Though I’ve still got a lot of content to plug in and some work to do tweaking the design, I’m happy with what I’ve got atm. Need to begin planning for instructions, as those will eat time that I don’t have to be eaten.Think that’s it. Two solid hours of being hunched over the screen is enough.Meta-out.

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