5376: Rushtonizing

I’ve had a pretty rotten sinus infection the last few days (damn this Texas wind), so I don’t have much to say other than that I’ve worked on filling my Rushton site with content, content and more content. Click to your heart’s content. I’m out of ideas for the day, so it’ll have to be what it is for the moment.

Wow. I’m even starting to depress myself. 🙂

Somebody pass the tissue.


2 thoughts on “5376: Rushtonizing

  1. Sorry you are feeling poorly. Let me ask: are you overwhelmed at the number of images that we are including on Lynn’s page? I am! I am trying to simplify the organization so her visitors can easily navigate, but I also realize that in some sections, the visitor may be overwhelmed with the number of images to view. Perhaps it will seem like less when the coding is behind us? Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Yes I am overwhelmed, Carie–but I guess it just goes with the territory. What I’ve tried to do is minimize the number of pages (there are a LOT in her current site, as best I can tell) as well as minimize the number of .jpg files used, but all without doing any disservice to her art.I think it’ll all seem better when it’s done, though… :)Thanks, Carie.

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