Wait a minute… something's different.

You may be looking around and saying something like: “Jeez, dude. Changed it again?”

Well, yes. But it’s on purpose. This was to match the (for the semester, anyway) final redesign of my personal homepage. This was (aside from cleaning a few bits of mess from my markup) a change ONLY in CSS. That is, other than one or two minor updates of markup to reflect new div ids and classes, the only file that I made real changes to was my stylesheet. And I’m pretty proud of that. In the future, all I’ll need to mess with is content–I still had one major oddity with divs that had to be cleaned up (but it was an easy fix), a hold over from table-like page design (rather than actually using relative positioning).

I am learning, and I think it’s come a long way–this’ll be the “final” version for now.


6 thoughts on “Wait a minute… something's different.

  1. Thanks, Brett! I resisted the siren call of white text on black background as long as I could, but it’s just working too well for me now, I guess!

  2. I like the new layout for the blog. So, are you going to start having more rant-like postings up now that your class is over?And, speaking of class, how did you like your first semester of PhD school? Kinda like kindergarten except with more crying.Oh, and looking at your webpage, I’m totally stealing your “proposal” for changing your comp II course from literature and composition to composition and research. That’s going to be my first big push when I start my new “position” as coordinator of freshman English. (That and changing my title to coordinator of first-year composition. Or, Cultural Learnings of America in Englishes and Compositions for Make Benefit Glorious Students of North Texas. I’m leaning toward the latter.)

  3. Geez, dude, changed it again? Just kidding. The new blog style is very chic. I love the black and think that this layout is much more professional that the previous layout.Very impressive that you did all this through CSS. You win hands down for the CSS guru of the class!I really like the mast with the clip from your photo on your homepage. The repetition of the image, even cropped, is great to link your blog with your site. (Robin Williams–the designer, not the actor–would loudly applaud!)Have a good weekend. So will you be able to stay off the computer through Easter Sunday?

  4. Thanks, Rochelle–I'll let you know when I actually finish the course, first! 🙂 And you're right–that last title IS the best!! :)Feel free to borrow what you like from that proposal; I'll have to send you some of my other notes for it. The second semester of what I'm doing now is marginally based on what we did under Randy, actually–so you'll find some familiar elements to part of it, I think. The "Comp & Lit" course has been a nit I've been steadily picking at for five years now, and it's finally come to something!@ Carie — Thanks, and I totally agree; this is a much better, more professional, and more chic (wow, I love that term!). I appreciate the comments on my homepage, too. And yes, my goal is to stay off of the computer all day tomorrow. Well, for school/work purposes, anyway. There's ALWAYS a need for facebook!!

  5. Nice changes, Chris. It takes we back to my undergraduate days… we were the Bees! So yellow and black always reminds me of that particular mascot. We possessed ferocious athletic prowess… let me tell you 🙂 Nice idea, though, to tie your blog into the professional identity of your website.

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