5376: ReRushtonizing

Well, after breaking my head on it a few times, I think my Rushton design is pretty much wrapped up–there are a few obvious content holes as you dig deeper into the site, but the design’s working, and all of my cool randomizing scripts are working. (Of course, not without hair-pulling, fist-shaking, and lots of under-the-breath swearing. And the emergency im to Dr.R this morning during one of my morning FYC classes. Thanks again!).

As time allows, I’d like to get some additional work in with graphics, and I have to do some metatagging, but it’s (I think) good to go otherwise. (And, you know, we’ve got a paper to write and all…)

Please play with all “random” buttons and see if they’re working right. Also, the index page is randomized, too. Not much variety there yet, but that’s an easy addition.

If you’ll remember, this used to have a brown color scheme–after some feedback from Lynn, I changed it. Hopefully she’ll find this one a bit more… palette-able. (har. har. har.)

Check it out here.

Feedback is welcome, especially if you’re using a browser other than Firefox or IE7 (which is evil and caused all of the hair-pulling, fist-shaking, and under-the-breath swearing).


3 thoughts on “5376: ReRushtonizing

  1. Downloaded Safari this morning and I’m apalled to say that the page looks even BETTER in Safari than it does in Firefox (or that evil bastard child IE7).Cool beans.

  2. Chris, The page looks good. I don’t even have IE on my computer, so I never know if something works in IE until I can get someone else to look at it. It makes it interesting.

  3. Wow! How did you accomplish all of this so quickly! This is quite a change from the spiral layout you presented a few weeks ago! But I love the gray and the simplicity of the layout. Bravo!I opened your page in Firefox on the Mac and the only issue I had was that the first sculpture photo took a while to download. Otherwise, all came through. :-)I’ll try to open in another browser when I’m not buried in my paper–yes, I’m working fervently (about 8 hours yesterday until 2:30am this morning) to get my paper done first so I can then work, work, work on Lynn’s page.Nicely done, Chris, but I’m not surprised! You are the best!

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