5376: ReReRushtonizing

The final (maybe?) tweaks are done on my design for Lynn Rushton, and are now live. I am indeed no great grapic designer, by the way–I’m still not quite happy with the title bar, but hopefully it’s less busy and doesn’t take the page over visually. Other changes are subtle, some accessibility things, some validation and semantic things, a graphic here and there.

Comments are awesome. Kudos are welcome. And candy’s good too! 🙂

Now to finish the paper.


3 thoughts on “5376: ReReRushtonizing

  1. Hey, Chris,How about Cheez-Its (a perfect food)?I had to explore your page. Love the grey. Love the decreased emphasis on the art in the heading, although I think de-emphasizing eliminated 99% of the “come-explore-me” enticement. (I liked the heading!) Love the grey links that match the background.I was confused about the “random” and “inquire” buttons because they do not seem parallel. I also would suggest that you crop your thumbnails to the same size rather than “squooshing” the art to fit into a standard size. (The “squoosh” affects the integrity of the art.)As always, I’m amazed at how much you accomplish in so little time! Do you sleep? Do you see your family? WOW!

  2. You’re right–definitely Cheez-its. Thanks for the great comments; i’m still not 100% on that header bar, but we’ll see what everyone says about it. I like the de-emphasis as well, and I tried to pick up some specific colors in there that I hadn’t done before. I had indeed thought about cropping thumbnails, but haven’t really had time for that (the whole sleep and teaching thing). I’m going to call it a “proof of concept” and hope it works; you’re right, the smooshing is a little weird, though I do like the uniformity of the thumbnails. I suppose that’ll be an issue that Lynn (or whoever does it for her–I’d be happy to do it, just not until after May) can take care of, like filling the rest of the pages.Sleep? It’s highly overrated, though I do try to spend as much time with my wife and kid as I can. Just don’t look at my lawn maintainance!Very helpful comments as always–thanks, Carie.

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