TTU May Workshop: Day One

First official day today–lots of meeting, meeting, meeting. Started with great overview and orientation for the program: not just hows, but also whys and (of course) “it.” I can dig it. (You can ask me what it is another time, but I can’t get into it tonight.)

Today also marked the first day to be sequestered off with the entire group of “newbies” (translation? we started Usability today). This’ll be an interesting class, with a great mix of people from all sorts of backgrounds: risk management, usability, visual rhetoric, science & medical communication, journalism, technical editing, and a good swath of composition folks. Definitely looking forward to getting to know folks and making connections.

Great lunch presentation today: Still did a usability testing project with instructor commentary on student texts, and had some interesting results. If anything in this workshop is to be described as vacation-like, I’d say that it’s this: it is without a doubt stimu-relaxing to be completely surrounded by people who are genuinely interested in (at least generically) and definitely excited about the same kind of “stuff”–academically speaking–that I am.

The day “closed” with a wander around this part of the campus w/Brett, just chatting and comparing notes on the day, the semester, and the program. I’m looking forward to many such interactions with others over the next two weeks.

This’ll be fun. A lot of work, but then, the best kind of work IS fun.


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