TTU May Workshop: Day Two

Presentations started today, and started with some good ones. It’s truly refreshing to see the variety of what others in the program are doing, and the really distinct places that folks are carving out for themselves. Hopefully I’ll be able to do the same.

Lots of usability work today–including a first usability test and a solid evening session to get caught up for tomorrow, when we’ll do paper prototyping. While the project’s all quite top-secret right now, I’m hoping it’ll prove to be helpful, rather than yet something else to bog down. Once our small group got out of the “classroom” setting, we definitely began to fall into some roles, which hadn’t really happened yet. Good to see the group coalescing and starting to cohere (as other groups seem to be having trouble doing so–I just hope I’m not misreading my own peers!)

Tomorrow’s new experience: first Annual Review meeting, about which I’m excited/nervous; despite having had this described to me, and having done what paperwork I can, I can’t really say that I’m absolutely sure what to expect. We shall see if I really can handle “an hour of me.”

And I’ve GOT to work on this presentation…


3 thoughts on “TTU May Workshop: Day Two

  1. How did the review go btw?

    (I feel like you’ve totally left me in the dust now with your “I’m a PhD student at TTU and we study all kinds of hard techno stuff.”)

    1. It went well, I think. It was a little weird; because I was scheduled for one of the last sessions that morning, both of the faculty I was to meet with were already pretty wiped out from a full morning of meetings. That being said, it was a pretty good half-hour, mostly making degree plans and discussing committee choices, that sort of thing.

      (And don’t feel too bad. I’ll still be your friend when I’m done!!)

  2. The review-stuff is always the most nerve-racking for me. Sounds like you’re doing great, though. Kicking ass and taking names. Your blog is also pretty cool. I’m digging this formatting and style.

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