Some questions about digital scholarship

Some of the questions that have been rattling around in my brain over the last few days as my reading, research, and analysis for the class I’m taking all comes together:   (Oh, the class is “Discourse & Technology: The Rhetoric of Personal Agency”)  No answers to go along with these (today).

  1. Digital Scholarship: What does it mean? (What’s the current state of affairs in the humanities, in particular?)
  2. Digital Scholarship: What can it mean?  (What’s the utopia? The “realistic” utopia?)
  3. Digital Scholarship: What should it mean? What shouldn’t it mean?
  4. Digital Scholarship: What can’t it mean? What won’t it mean? (What are the limitations of an academia rooted in an old and fairly conservative model of scholarly production?)
  5. What’s the baby that we don’t want to throw out with the bathwater?
  6. What’s the bathwater?
  7. Is the expert paradigm (see Weinberger, 2008) the only current mode of academic agency?
  8. What are other possible models for academic agency?
  9. (How) Has the expert paradigm (and its inherent elitism) been one of the key perceptual issues for academics in culture at large?
  10. Some writers (citation needed) point to a collection model for digital scholarship and tools.  That’s no doubt an important step; have we gotten there? Is that model enough?
  11. If (big, tentative “If”) ethos through pathos are the main currency of digital social networks, how can scholars work with that currency while still maintaining an important handhold on logos?
  12. In what meaningful ways do academics make use of social networking?
  13. How do (currently) and can (possibly) blogs fit into scholarly communication? (networking, communication, publication)
  14. What does “digital scholarly publishing” include?
  15. How do scholars currently engage with digital scholarly publishing?
  16. (How) Does digital scholarship increase/decrease/affect/change the agency of academics?
  17. ???
  18. In particular, what are the implications of all this for English? Rhet/Comp? TechComm?  Who’s embracing it, who isn’t, and why?

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