Plans for ENG 1310 (Honors). Yippee.

Here’s my description for the major project that my Honors section of English 1310 will undertake this semester.  For the most part, this will be what distinguishes the Honors section from the regular section (as well as a bit more reading for the rest of their assignments).  It’s just the basics at this point–I only wanted to provide some basic guidelines that we’ll be developing and reformulating as we go.

Blogging Project: Part of what will make this distinctively an Honors course is your participation in (as I described earlier) “a semester-long collaborative writing project of substantial scope and rigor.” In this case, you’ll be writing a collaborative blog on the digital practices of McMurry students. Though we’ll flesh out many of the more subtle details of this assignment in the first few weeks of the semester, I’d like to outline a few details about this project here:

  • You’ll undertake a rigorous rhetorical analysis of an oft-maligned “genre” of writing, studying the contexts, features, purposes, varieties, limitations, affordances, and rhetorics of blogging.
  • You’ll name, design, create, and maintain a blog (using a free service such as WordPress or Blogger).
  • You’ll each be responsible for composing a certain number of entries over the course of the semester. As we’ll discuss, these do not necessarily have to be all text-based, and might be written individually or collaboratively.
  • Broadly, you’ll be writing about the digital literacy practices of your fellow McMurry students (and yourselves); this will entail some observation and research, but what exactly you end up writing about will be up to the group.
  • You’ll undertake an effort to get the blog read; blogs without readers are exercises in futility.

This project will be ongoing for the entire semester, and will be open to modification as we move through the course.


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