Music to Grade To

I’m always fiddling about with optimum tunes to be my essay grading background music.  I want something that moves, that will help me keep focused and not get too bogged down, but not something that’s so interesting to listen to that I focus on it rather than what I’m doing.  Lots of repetition, lots of beats, lots of movement, some good music, but something I can lose myself in.  Usually, for example, I listen to something like And Justice for All… Lately, I’ve been listening to bands like Lamb of God, which behaves sometimes like a lot of white noise at the right volume (Mastodon, on the other hand, is far too muscially interesting–I find it helpful for reading, but not for writing).

Today, Greg tweeted “some gabber to get in the mood”, and so I checked it out on a whim (video below).  I then proceeded to grade with nearly autotelic intensity.  I don’t know if it’s causal, but I’m keeping this video close by to see if this stuff holds up for grading purposes.  Might be helpful, as I’ve been having problems getting “in the mood” to really get essays done (and good writing done, for that matter).


2 thoughts on “Music to Grade To

  1. I like it. But, I like techno music… I mostly listen to Regina Spektor, Lily Allen, or classical music here lately when grading. Beethoven got me through the dissertation.

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