Boudreau's Word Count Contest Thingy

I’ve been naughty and not updating my daily wordcount in the word count contest thingy. I shall correct that forthwith and posthaste.

Sunday night: +2,493 (total, but mostly notes)
Monday night: +0
Tuesday night: +1,595 (though honestly, some of it turned notes into prose. I’m such an epigenetic process geek that I keep multiple stages of the same draft.)

I guess that means my total is somewhere around 4,088. Haven’t decided if I’m going to really ‘count’ the first night’s notes yet. We’ll see.


2 thoughts on “Boudreau's Word Count Contest Thingy

  1. If it is a word. And you wrote it down*. During the contest. And it relates to a single project.** It counts.

    Why wouldn’t you count it? You don’t leave some dollars on the bank counter when you make a withdrawal, do you? They’re yours to do with as you please- consider taking them. 🙂

    *Typed into a word processor, preferably, because that is how I tally.

    ** Not Chat transcripts, emails, status updates, blog posts…

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