Boudreau's Word Count Contest Thingy. Again.

Here’s my most recent update for my daily wordcount in the word count contest thingy.

My total on the 12th (Tuesday) was 4,088.
Yesterday (Wednesday) I didn’t get a chance to write.
Today (Thursday) I chugged my way up another 2,056 words to my current grand total of 6,144.

According to the ‘rules’ I can only work on a single project; but, well, my writing life isn’t working that way right now, with more short projects on the list than longer ones (this project would have been great for the summer, though). This project is in the bag (or in my case, the outbox), and I’m off to the next thing. I’ll keep the word count going, but technically it’ll be on a second (longer) project, my CCTE article. Something about networking, graduate school, and the new professoriate.

Or something.


One thought on “Boudreau's Word Count Contest Thingy. Again.

  1. If you finish a project, you can work on another. The purpose being to encourage (require) entire documents to be drafted, to ‘completion,’ rather than working some on project X until stuck, then some of project Y, then some of X, then some of Z (etc.)…

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