Just for Boudreau

Once again, an update on my daily wordcount in the word count contest thingy.

Short writing clip today, in bursts big and small. Today’s total: 782 (Including one bad Jay & Silent Bob reference. No apologies.) Contest total: 6,927(ish).

On another note (these types of personal posts have become rare on my blog of late), I’m trying to wrest myself out of a writerly funk (this contest is playing a role, to be sure) I’ve been in since September. Need to get back in the habit of writing something (preferably in a dissertational direction) every day. Something. Every. Day.

Monday’s a brand new day, baby. Write. Reflect. Read. Write again. Reflect again. Rinse.


2 thoughts on “Just for Boudreau

    1. I think that if I could work in a reference to all of the Smith Jersey movies, I probably would. It’s worth a try. Of course, we’d have to come to an agreed spelling of “Snootch to tha nootch.” And that’ll never happen.

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