Wobbling through Week Two with Bou

Another update on my daily wordcount in the B. Freret Birthday Bash Word Count Contest.

  • As of Sunday the 17th, I’d worked up to 6,927.
  • As of Monday the 18th I’d worked up to looking at my 6,927 and then realizing I had to grade homework and eat ice cream.
  • Today I worked up another 550 words to a grande totale of 7,474. Not much, but something. That puts me just under a thousand words behind the leader. (That is, unless that’s changed a lot since it was reported 2 hours ago)

Writing something every day is good.

Writing something every day is hard.

Even if I don’t win, I’ll have made headway. I also came to some nifty conceptual breakthroughs in terms of a potential framework for my CCTE paper. I’m sure they’ll change, but that’s what it’s all about. My process this time around has been markedly different, I should add. Usually with this kind of ‘scholarly inquiry’ work, I start from a body of texts and write the paper out of, through, and around them. This time, I’m starting with my preexisting body of knowledge and then researching and then coming back and mushing my draft and my inquiry together into something hopefully meaningful. We’ll see. It’s an experiment, a break from my traditional process while I wait (and wait and wait and wait) for my journal article that’s currently under review to come back.

Hm. Where’d that reflection come from?


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