a lot of pictures of things

I’ve not been very bloggy lately, not very regular and not very writerly. I’ve been busy

reading a lot of critical theory and writing lit reviews

Wordle: method- -ology
Critical Rhetorical Wordleological Method- - ology

and fiddling in my commonplace book

Commonplace Book

and teaching modern poetry

Picture of Poem
The Poem that Took the Place of a Mountain

and disassembling an IBM Selectric

Disassembled Typewriter
This WAS a typewriter. Someday it shall be something else.

and trying to get back into tweeting

Screenshot of Tweet

and packing up books to move into a cubicle

picture of my office
Books and Boxes

and curbing my facebook use

Screenshot of Facebook
Sing of Sinking Time Sinks

and growing a hefty beard to match my new tortiseshell glasses.

My Beeeeard

So there has been lots of output

But not much here.

I keep promising myself to blog more.

And as I stare down preparing my reading list and working quickly (QUICKLY!) toward qualifying exams

and then the dissertation

I think this space will do nicely.

If I can just quit fiddling

and create.


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