Guilt. Shame. Pragmatism.

Here’s an accountability list, if you will. I’ve got a long(ish) list of reading list books and articles I’ve read in the last few weeks and haven’t written about yet (in this space). Because I’m good at guilt and shame, I thought I’d briefly publicize that list here.

-Smit, The End of Composition

-Bolter, Writing Space

-Reid, The Two Virtuals

-Burke, Language as Symbolic Action

-McLuhan, Understanding Media

-a selection of chapters from Composition Studies in the New Millenium and New Media/New Methods

-and probabyl some other texts I’ve left off the list.

As good as I am at guilt and shame, I also am an expert pragmatist. Thus, I will likely not write about all of these here. Just a heirarchical few, as I try to keep momentum and note-taking moving forward. More to come.

Further up and further in.


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