Qualifying Exams

Last month, I quietly (heh) took my Qualifying Exams, after a long, arduous, but rewarding year of reading, writing, and preparation. I was notified a few days later of the unanimity of my committee on calling my attempt a “strong pass.” Thus, I blink out at you now as a Doctoral Candidate rather than a Doctoral Student.  The “formal” debriefing with my committee will be tomorrow, and I’m sure I’ll have more to write after that. This is the next big push to the formal proposal (yes, I still need to publish the preproposal here, and will do so in a few minutes) and to the dissertation process itself. I took a bit longer to get here than I thought I would, but am still feeling good about my progress and my timeline.

More words in reflection on the exam itself tomorrow or the next day, after I hear/read their reactions to my 4-day, 30-page, 10,000 word (sans the works-cited for each of the 4 responses) monstrosity. But here’s a Wordle  of my responses (all of them together) to keep things interesting.  Dissertationward, ho!

Full quals responses word cloud
A visual with more sound and fury than signification.

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