Life with Teaching

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Why there’s nothing here. More of my jitterings have been in private notebooks lately than this space.

This is what you call blogger’s guilt.


scraping together fragments

Just some bits and pieces I’m reading as I work on a chapter I’ve submitted for an edited collection. The heart of it is a paper I’m resurrecting (from a conference presentation a few years ago) on the professionalization of graduate students, especially distance graduate students, and social media. Fingers crossed. Today, I’m just shoring up a few fragments that I’ve been reading recently that I’ll most likely incorporate. Trying to get back my good habits of writing every day, but that’s harder than it sounds when I cajole my students.

Collin Brooke on strong and weak ties and the media that help make them.

Anders Fagerjord on visibility as an academic. Lots of examples and links to further material here, too.

Nathaniel Rivers on scholartweeting at conferences, especially #RSA14

All of this wanders around somewhere between specialization, professionalization, and just plain behaving as a professional in the 21st c.


New and Improved

New, in that I’m a brand-spanking (not technically even matriculated yet) Ph.D. in Technical Communication and Rhetoric.

Improved in that, well, I posted once in the last year. This makes a new post heading for a new year.

More to come.

I always say that.